Big Plans for Future Tours

Just one more week until the beginning of the first Classics Circuit, Wilkie Collins, and I’m getting giddy! If you are participating in that tour, make sure the schedule we’ve posted is what you are expecting. I hope we haven’t missed anyone!

If you’d like, you  may add a sentence to your post that welcomes Wilkie Collins to “The Classics Circuit” and you can link to the full Collins Circuit schedule posted on this site so your blog readers can see where he’s been and where he is going. Likewise, Gaskell participants may want to direct their readers to the full Gaskell Circuit schedule.

I’m so excited for all the interest. I hope you are enjoying your reading!

For the January-to-February Tour, we’ve settled on American authors.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) through Saturday will be a poll of four American writers from which we’ll choose the January Circuit. Please note that if we have huge interest in more than one author, we’ll do overlapping tours as we did for the Victorians. Come back tomorrow to choose one of the four that you’d love to see on tour!

Sign up for the American January-to-February tour(s) will begin in November, probably the second week.

For the February-to-March tour, we won’t have a vote: we’ll be doing a thematic tour. We’re not sure how the theme will work, as compared to the author tours, but I’m excited because it’s an awesome theme. In honor of U.S. Black History month, we’ll be doing a Harlem Renaissance tour. We’re still working on the details (and we’ll get an information post up with reading options, as we did for the other tours). Sign up will be in December.

If you’re interested in the tours, here are some basics: Tours run Monday through Fridays. We’ll start assigning days the beginning of January and we’ll assign participants Monday through Friday until all participatns are assigned. Because we “assign” a day that the author will “visit” your blog, we like to know which days you are unable to host or which days your prefer. We need to know about other “tours” you’re doing that tie up your blog, weeks you’ll be out of town, and details like “I don’t want to host on Fridays.” Let us know that information when you sign up for the tour so the day we assign might work best for the tour.

We’re always looking for your suggestions on future tours. Fill out the Suggest a Tour form so we’ll have your ideas to work with!

  1. #1 by Valerie on October 26, 2009 - 10:29 pm

    I’m looking forward to voting on the American Authors, and I think the Harlen Renaissance tour is a great idea!!

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