Coming in the Next Months

Although the Wilkie Collins tour is winding down this week, Elizabeth Gaskell is going strong. I hope to post the January Edith Wharton schedule in the next few days (dates were emailed a few weeks ago, we’re just slow given the U.S. holiday). Then next week, we will begin sign up for the February tour. We’ll be keeping sign up open for a few weeks, and with the holidays, we’ll try to make sure there are options for anyone who choses to be unplugged those two weeks. Around the new year, we’ll post a poll with March options, and sign up for the March tour will be in January.

If you are able to, make sure you check back here next week for sign up to host The Harlem Renaissance on your blog. I have been reading about it and gathering information together for you to read and I am quite excited about all the options!

Thanks for all the enthusiasm and for all the wonderful blog posts we’ve seen so far for Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell!

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